At Education My Life Matters we are committed to providing supportive education dedicated to assisting students back into mainstream learning.

Many of our learners have not had success in their education elsewhere. We support our Learners to build trust and desire to learn by offering wrap-around pastoral care. Staff at EMLM are confident and skilled in building positive relationships that help to break down barriers, build self-esteem and challenge disaffection.

We respect that all our Learners are individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and life experiences. We passionately believe that by assisting our Learners to overcome their personal barriers they will be best placed to access meaningful education, develop their aspirations and become contributing members of society.

Our learning ethos is ‘Success for Everyone’.


We work closely in partnership with schools, external agencies and parent/carers to secure the best possible outcomes for our Learners.

“Education is what remains after you have forgotten what you learned in school.”

Albert Einstein






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About Us

Education My Life Matters is a Lewisham based Independent School and Alternative Provision with objective to reconnect, reengage and empower the learner who could possibly be at risk of becoming the subject of permanent exclusion.

We primarily work with learners in Key Stage 3 & 4.

We are keenly aware of the challenges that can and do impact on today’s young people. We understand that where learners become permanently excluded from school they can and do run the risk of becoming a Child Missing in Education (CME). Through its provision Education-My Life Matters can offer to learners that final chance at realising their learning potential through the medium of an alternative provision alongside support and partnership to achieve one of two possible outcomes i.e.

1. Supporting reintegration back into mainstream education

2. Supporting transition to a specialist school or college

Education My Life Matters support schools to support their learners. Our provision works in partnership with the placement’s base school, other relevant external agencies and parents/carers so as to secure the best possible outcome for the learner.

First and Sixth Day

In the event of a learner receiving a 1st or 6th day exclusion, Education-My Life Matters is well positioned to provide swift and easy access to full time alternative education, as is required by law. Any such placements can begin with as little as 24 hours’ notice subject to the satisfactory completion of an assessment of learner’s risk to the provision.

Alternatively, learners are referred or directed to Education – My Life Matters may come as a result of a range of ongoing issues. Primarily our learners come to us as a result of the following pathways:

• Permanent exclusion

• Non attendance i.e. school refusers

• Ongoing and continued non-compliance with school expectations