Learning Mentors & Online Outreach Support

Learning Mentors

All learners are supported by Learning Mentors who work with our learners to help them address barriers (and potential barriers) to learning through supportive 1-1 relationships.

They help learner develop coping strategies, enhance their motivation, raise their aspirations and encourage them to re-engage in learning. Learning Mentors have to take into account the range of complex issues that usually lay behind problems with learning and achievement (e.g. lack of confidence/low self-esteem, low aspirations, mental health issues, bereavement, peer pressure, bullying, family issues/concerns etc). They offer a sympathetic ear to our Learners who have a range of behavioural, emotional and learning difficulties.

The Learning Mentors liaise with families/carers and work closely with school staff as well as outreach professionals.

Online Outreach Support

Our online outreach support is provided by a qualified teacher who has over 10 years’ experience in teaching in London.  She has experience of working with both pupils with Special Educational Needs and English as an additional language.  She provides interventions and is able to engage and teach learners with complex needs. She has great rapport which supports our learners in building good relationships, confidence and self-esteem.