Stage 1-5 & Fast Track



Stage One

On receiving a referral request, the school will make telephone contact with you


Stage Two

You will receive a referral form (including a comprehensive Risk Assessment) which will need be to completed in full and returned to EMLM


Stage Three

On receiving your completed form and reviewing your supporting evidence, EMLM will decide if we are able to meet the needs of your learner


Stage Four

EMLM will arrange an initial interview with the learner and the necessary parties (referee, school, parent/care, social worker etc)


Stage Five

A place will be offered to the learner or a referral to an onwards provision will be advised.

To refer a learner to EMLM, please email:

Fast Track

EMLM offer a Fast Track service for 1st and 6th day exclusions. We endeavour to process all Fast Track applications within 24 hours. Our Fast Track programme accepts referrals from schools and colleges who have excluded students and are statutory bound to seek an alternative provision for the learner.


We consider referrals for learners excluded for two days or more. We work with the school/college to reintegrate learners back to their host provision or to an onwards alternative provision. We work with Parents/Carers and other lead agencies to ensure the best outcome is achieved for the learner. We work in partnership to design a bespoke alternative education package designed with the learner in mind. In some cases, the learner may remain on the Fast Track programme until such a time as a suitable destination or provision is found.


The learner is to remain on roll with their host school. The Referral form, including Risk Assessment and supporting documentation must be completed by the referring school/college.

Fast Track Day

Please contact the school to negotiate the start time of the Fast Track Day. The finish time will be 3:00pm
To apply for our Fast Track programme please email