Our Aim

At Education My Life Matters we are committed to provide supportive education dedicated to assisting students back into mainstream learning. We work in partnership with schools, other relevant external agencies and parents/carers to secure the best possible outcome for the learner To work in collaboration with local authorities, schools, external agencies, specialist organisations and parent/carers in the quest to challenge and engage the mindset of our learners such that they can become positive productive members of the community.

EMLM Values

Manners, respect, honesty and consideration for others are our four cornerstone values.

of our students successfully graduate and begin their career development.


At Education My Life Matters we work to reengage, reconnect and empower our learners. Our school community work strongly to provide collaborative and bespoke learning experiences in a compassionate, understanding, tolerant and secure learning environment that aims to secure the highest standards of respect, commitment and success. We will work with all our learners to develop the key skills required to be successful. We believe that through supporting them to develop resilience, respect with ability to manage their emotions we will enable them to successfully transition back into the mainstream classroom and or to be empowered to successfully engage in the wider social environment as productive citizens.


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